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My Dad and I have put a lot of work into ensuring our hunting success this year. It really has made a world of difference. We have several soybean plots, some clover plots, and some turnip/clover/alfalfa mix we just planted this past weekend. Thought I would share some of the pictures on the blog. Here you are for your viewing pleasure:

Photo Gallery:

Fellow readers, by now you probably know that I’m an avid hunter and my father and I like to practice some quality deer management on the farm we have in Illinois near Pike County. In the pics you will see some of the bucks I have been getting off of one camera in particular. Let me know what you guys & gals think. They are labeled below.

  • PRMS0169 Is the typical 10 with a sticker he might crab claw out yet and be a typical 12. What do you think he scores?
  • PRMS0307 Is the decent 9 pointer that will be really nice next year if he makes it
  • PRMS0439 Is the typical 10 again you can see where he might crab claw
  • PRMS0883 Is the 14 pointer
  • PRMS0569 Is the 8 pointer that will be really really nice next year or the year after if he makes it
  • PRMS1356 Is a decent 8 will be a nice one in a year or two
  • PRMS1467 Is decent not sure what he will be next year but his G1’s Fork he’s kinda got a basket rack though
  • PRMS0200 Is another pic of the 14 but you can see his left side kinda hes got 7 on the main beam with a G1 that forks and a tine that kind of comes back of his main beam that forks and then he might have crab claws on both side which would make him a 16.


Went out to Milstadt, IL at the Quail Club and did the 3-D Bow shoot this weekend. Talk about a good time for $12 bucks. Total of 40 Targets of various ranges and sizes. You can see my last post for some of the specs of my bow and arrows.

Gallery Below:

2013-04-28 13.16.50 (Small).jpg

With a 3-D Bow shoot right around the corner, I had to break out “the block” to brush up on my bow skills. It was a tad rainy so I only got to shoot a couple dozen times. I have a Matthews Drenalin 28’’ Draw 70 lb bow with a G5 Outdoors XR Sights with the Rhemostat LED Light. I have a limbsaver stabilizer and a Quality Archery Designs drop away rest. My arrows are Easton Axis 340 Full Metal Jacket Aluminum coated and carbon infused. This bow is lightweight has an awesome letoff is very smooth and very quiet.

Gallery Below:

So this past weekend I got a chance to work on some of the pistol scenario units I am building for my range at home. I had my father pick up 30 2×4’s and we had some spare ¼ plywood around the farm so I threw a wall and a corner unit together and will have pictures soon. I plan on building a unit with a window, one with a door, and a half height unit to practice shooting from cover. The rest I can use for making some silhouette target holders out of.

I also thought of a couple other projects that I am going to add to the list of things I will be working on over the course of next year:

Ammo Can Liner – I have some 50 cal ammo cans that I am going to paint flat black and then line the cans with a felt liner. I have some felt I bought at my local wally world and will cut the pieces out to length and then use some contact adhesive to glue the pieces in. This will keep things from being damaged or scratched when I haul items around in them.

Refinish – I have a Steyr M95/34 that I am going to refinish the stock on

Climber Refinish – I have a Summit climber stand that I want to repaint camo and then I bought some outdoor rated camo fabric that I am going to use along with some hot water heater foam insulation to recover the bars on the top piece of the frame to make the stand like brand new.

Turkey season is just around the corner in Illinois and Missouri and my father and I were getting prepped visiting our local Bass Pro and Cabelas. I got a cool Turkey locator call from Ozark Custom Calls, pictures to follow in the future. Follow them on twitter at @ozarkcustomcalls or online at These calls are awesome and all custom handmade and the customer service is top notch.

Also thought I would include a picture of some of the turkey mounts we made out of walnut in the woodworking shop. The one on the left is my fathers and the one on the right is mine. They turned out really nice and hopefully this year we will have two to add to the collection. We also acquired some new decoys as the ones we had were in dire need of replacement. We went with the avian’s even though they are a tad pricey but they are by far the best quality and most realistic looking. I chose Mossy Oak Obsession this year. I will see how the pants and shirt work out because they are awful thin and I think I will get drenched in the morning dew. The vest I really like but have yet to test it out.  Wish all of you the best of luck in this years hunting season.

Picture Gallery Below:

There are some of the deer my father and I have harvested over the years that didn’t make the cut when it came to mounting. We really have tried hard in the past 5-10 years to practice quality deer management and not harvest anything under 140 class and we really try to stick to 150 class or better. They may have been taken by shotgun or archery. I threw in some of the pictures that are hanging up around in the shop as well J

Here is the picture gallery:

My father and I wanted to do some coyote hunting this past weekend so we decided to get the rifles sighted in at 100 yards. We live in a hilly area so we normally sight in all of our firearms at 50 yards because we rarely take shots over 100. I had just put a Redfield 4-12x40MM on my Ruger American Rifle chambered in .30-06 Springfield and wanted to get it out there and shoot some rounds through it and get it zeroed in. My father had previously sighted in his gun at 50 yards. He is using a Sig Sauer M400 MOE 20’’ edition he purchased from Cabela’s around black Friday before the political climate heated up. He has a Nikon P223 3-9x40MM mounted on the rifle. You will see the smaller holes in the targets are his groupings whereas the larger holes are from the .30-06. Keep in mind his was sighted in and I was working on zeroing mine in. Some of my shots were from the rest whereas some were standing with the rifle held against something using my hand as a rest. Let me know what you think.

Here are the pictures: