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Here are some pictures of my father’s shotgun harvest in 2012. This beautiful whitetail deer green scored around 175. It was harvested in Illinois on a private farm with an Remington 1187 Special Purpose using Winchester 3’’ Partition Gold Slugs at a distance of 83 yards.

Here are the pictures:

Have some good Deer Pics over the years after my father and I got into managing some deer cameras on our farm and stared getting more and more into quality deer management. Up first is some highlights from 2010.

Here is some pictures of the buck I harvested in 2007 he green scored 168. I have never officially had him scored. He barely had any teeth left. I had him mounted by Schnettgoeckes Taxidermy out of Grafton, Illinois he has done several mounts for my father and I and has always done exceptional work.