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Hey Patriots,

I’m currently working on a few projects I would share. Let me know what you think. I dabble in the woodworking and construction realm from time to time. My father is far better at it than I am but I am getting better at it the more I do.

Current Projects:

Hanging Ammo Cartridge Display Cases – I keep seeing these for sale and at local gun shows and thought it would be cool to build some ones out of oak or ash and felt line them myself and keep some of the cartridges I have / use on display

Hanging Knife Display Case – I have a decent collection of knives I would like to keep in a locked display case that can hang on the wall. I’m thinking felt lined for this as well and with some kind of locking glass door for some level of security.

Some Mobile Scenario Pistol Courses – I have plenty of plywood, 2×4’s, and a large field to the side of my parent’s house out in the sticks. I was thinking I could build some mobile platforms whether they be half height or full height to simulate kneeling cover, doorways, corners, windows, etc. This way I could work through different scenarios when practicing conceal and carry and defensive handgun/shotgun techniques. If anyone has any ideas or tips on this project please let me know.

Frames – I want to build some wooden frames for some of the cooler posters I have acquired from different firearm manufacturers over the years.

Tactical Patch Display Case – Same idea as those above this would be felt lined and a shallow display case with a glass door. The patches could adhere to the felt and be left on display when they are not in use on my tactical gear.

Let me know what you think