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I received this last week in an update from NRA-ILA about the recent reports of the State Highway Patrol and other agencies including the DMV sharing conceal and carry information with the federal government. Read more the letter snippet below

“Last night, the Missouri Senate unanimously approved House Bill 8, a funding measure that transfers to Missouri sheriffs the authority for issuance of Right-to-Carry permit certificates and the permits themselves from the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR). As previously reported, there have been several reports that the DOR was collecting and sharing personal documents from individuals receiving a concealed carry endorsement with third parties, including the federal government. This recordkeeping and sharing of private documents by the DOR is a serious violation of public trust. Please contact your state Senator and thank him or her for voting for HB 8, an important measure to protect your right to privacy. HB 8 will now be sent back to the state House for a concurrence vote.

Not only is the Missouri Legislature taking swift action to remove DOR’s role in the permit issuing process, they are also acting on legislation that would prohibit the DOR from sharing personal information with the federal government or other agencies. House Bill 787 and Senate Bill 252 seek to limit the DOR’s ability to scan, store and share your private information. HB 787, sponsored by state Representative Todd Richardson (R-152), has been assigned to the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and SB 252, sponsored by state Senator Will Kraus (R-8), has been assigned to the House Government Oversight Committee.

While HB 787 and SB 252 are currently awaiting a committee hearing, please contact members of these committees TODAY in support of legislation that would protect your privacy rights.”

Recent media released stated that the Boston Bombers didn’t have permits for the weapons they were in procession of. Big surprise right? Another reason why I am glad that recent gun legislation has failed to pass as this would only hurt law abiding citizens. In addition to that, if it takes the a multitude of FBI and Law Enforcement to bring 2 terrorists to justice what does it take me to defend myself against a would be attacker or two? I don’t have an entire police force behind me. Liberal logic always ceases to amaze me. This is exactly why magazine & firearms bans would always be a bad thing for the 2nd amendment and the law abiding citizens. Just my $.02 What do you think?

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So yes I am a little behind on blog posts this past couple weeks been swamped with I.T. work and Turkey season is here so having to manage my time and neither one of those I can give up so blogging gets placed on hold when I’m busy. Luckily, I have my friends to remind me and one did just that today when she reminded me that I have been slacking on posts lately.

As many of you know last week an act of terrorism occurred in Boston at the end of the marathon that happens every Patriot’s day that injured many and took lives of kids and adults. The graphic images and videos that followed were horrific and raw. Although I could say a lot about this tragedy I think the most important point that I want to get across is that my thoughts and prayers go out to all that were affected by this tragic event.

A big thanks to all of the citizens, medical professionals, and local law enforcement that helped to get injured victims to safety and medical attention.

In case you missed it.

Here is the video where Dana Loesch schools Piers Morgan on gun control


Saw this come across Stag’s twitter feed. Appears gun manufactures like Stag in Connecticut have made national headlines. I had released a blog earlier today about Stag thinking about leaving Connecticut. I’m sure its hard to leave it all behind especially a smaller shop, valued employees, friends, family and a long list of other things but long term I think it makes sense for businesses like this to flock towards states that support what they do. I’m sure Texas would welcome them with open arms.

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All of you may know her by know but Sarah Merkle, 15 year old, speaks out against gun control and legislation that affects our 2nd Amendment rights. She does an excellent job for her age and we need more individual of all ages like this to really take a stand and give all of us a good image.

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This came across my twitter feed this morning and caught my eye. Biden met with dozens of LEO’s including traitor NY Mayor Bloomberg to discuss the idea or rationing ammo in light of the current shortage. Let me tell you people if such a thing ever passed it would never be lifted. No citizens, other agencies, or the NRA was invited to the discussion. This idea would be to set something up at the FEDERAL level. Anything that come’s out of Bidens mouth is a lie so I have a hard time ever believing that this is so everyone has fair access to ammunition. This has everything to do with government regulation.

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