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Magpul recently announced that it will be diving into the AK realm with its new line of AK mags. I got wind of the news and went out to their website for some information here it is straight from Magpul:

”The Magpul PMAG 30 AK MOE is a 30 round, durable, lightweight, high reliability polymer magazine for 7.62×39 Kalashnikov pattern firearms. This will be the first installment of the Magpul AK magazine line. The AK MOE will be an all-polymer design, utilizing the same advanced materials and manufacturing processes as the rest of the PMAG line to achieve surprising durability. It features a removable floorplate, constant curve geometry, and high-reliability/low-friction follower for the performance you expect from a PMAG. Due to the interface of rifle and magazine in the Kalashnikov platforms, and the leverage that critical points must withstand, we knew we couldn’t leave well-enough alone with the AK MOE before we even started designing. Also currently in development, and arriving on the heels of the AK MOE, is the next release in the PMAG AK lineup, which will be a 7.62×39 magazine with a little more “Bulgarian” in it, featuring solid steel reinforcements at lockup points. MSRP is to be announced.”

I found this review online from the Military Channel and I have to agree with most of what he said. I have one mounted on a Ruger American Rifle Chambered in 30-06 and it is a great scope for the money. I would definitely put it in the same class as a Nikon but I still think that the Luepold has better clarity and high quality glass. You can see some actual pictures of the scope on my firearm and some previous blog posts.

Here are some Specs:

  • Reticle 4-Plex Accu-Range
  • Item Number & Finish #67110 ( Matte ) #67115 ( Matte )
  • Exit Pupil (mm) 8.9-3.5
  • Weight (ounces) 13.1
  • Weight (grams) 371
  • Length (in) 12.3
  • Length (cm) 31.2
  • Mounting Space (in) 5.6
  • Mounting Space (cm) 14.2
  • Objective Aperture (mm) 40.0
  • Eye Relief (in) 3.7-4.9
  • Eye Relief (mm) 124.5-94.0
  • Elevation Adjustment Range (MOA) 50
  • Windage Adjustment Range (MOA) 50
  • Lens Coating Vapor Deposited, Multi-coated
  • Illuminator Lens System
  • Adjustment Markings Accu-Trac 1/4 MOA Finger
  • Click Adjustments
  • Maintube Diameter 1”
  • Environmental
  • Protection
  • Nitrogen Filled
  • Actual Magnification 4.5-11.4
  • Linear Field of View (ft @ 100yd) 19.9-9.4
  • Linear Field of View (m @ 100m) 6.6-3.1

Link To Military Channel Review:

Pic Gallery:

There has been some talk by the TSA of allowing certain size blades on flights again but in the wake of the Boston Bombing that has been placed on hold but I thought I would shed some light on a really nice blade that would fit the bill for such an application. These are made in the USA and are high quality steel. You can read more on their Facebook page. Surprising that Facebook allows such products given their liberal mentaly, I don’t support such business practices. I have a few of their knives and they are great high quality tools. Pictures below as well


Recently I bought a new knife from Cabela’s and thought I would share my personal review. This is a mid size folder for your pocket it is fairly light and has a stainless steel blade. It is spring assisted but I have to say the initial opening phase is rather stiff and takes a strong thumb to get it to go into assisted mode. Once it does, it is almost automatic. Possibly some WD40 will loosen it up a tad. It locks into place and can be disengaged via the silver button. The product can be had around $20 bucks and looks to be made in China. It is sharp out of the box and holds an edge thus far.

Product Specs:
Blade length: 3″.
Overall length: 6.6″.
Closed length: 4″.
Weight: 2.46 oz.

Product Link:

Product Pic Gallery

Hey guys,

Thought I would post my experience with the Gerber LHR Combat Knife I recently purchased. The LHR stands for Larsen, Harsey and Reeve. The designers involved in coming up with this knife. This thing is a hunk of steel and has a great textured handle. It has a portion of the blade that is serrated. The handle is comfortable and rubberized but firm. The sheath seems to be of moderate quality and comes with many options to wear it. The included straps are of good quality made of a seat belt type material with some Velcro pieces.

My only negative response so far is that the knife is so securely fastened in the holster that quick and easy access is not always an option. Gerber markets this as a “quick release holster” it is exactly the opposite. It has a lock tab so getting the knife into and out of the holster and sometimes be a bear if you don’t know what you’re doing.

However, this also makes the knife more secure. If you were to run, crawl, etc. the knife doesn’t make a sound when doing any of the above. The knife came pretty sharp with a good edge. I would call this more of a bowie knife than I would a combat knife as it is very large and wouldn’t be the best in close quarters combat unless you really needed to stab someone but I would say if you came up behind them you may risk stabbing yourself as well because of the length. Made in the USA. I purchased new off of Ebay for around a hundred with free shipping. In review, I’d give it 4 of 5 stars based on ease of use.

Product Specs

•Blade Length: 6.87″

•Open Length: 12.5″

•Weight: 11.2 OZ

•Handle: TacHide

•Full tang construction for maximum strength

•TacHide handle for sure grip in wet conditions

•Quick release sheath with safety release

•Blade Length: 6.87″

•Open Length: 12.5″

•Weight: 11.2 OZ

•Handle: TacHide

•Full tang construction for maximum strength

•TacHide handle for sure grip in wet conditions

•Quick release sheath with safety release

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Gallery of Pics

You’d be the surprised the number of gun and tactical enthusiasts that do not know about this site. It is user driven and I thought I would share a blog post about it and speak to a few tips that I’ve learned along the way with using the site. I always like to go to the right hand corner of the page where it lists the most recent deals. It should look like a buttom similar to the following below.

The URL for the latest deals is

I check this site regularly for ammo, knives, tactical gear, firearms, and anything else that might interest someone like me. Another thing I like to use the site for is to see who out there sells tactical gear and firearms. If you look at the posts they almost always tell you who is selling the good or service. This way you can find new sites to shop for when it comes to finding a good deal. As you can see below the seller is I would have never known of such a website if I didn’t stumble across it through Google or something similar. Again this is the second thing I like to point out is its good for finding new sites to shop for tactical things, firearms, ammo, etc.

The third thing I do regularly especially in this current climate is go to google type in what I want and then include slick guns in the search field as well. For example if I was looking for a Remington 870 Shotgun I would type in:

“Remington 870 Shotgun Slick Guns”

Then the majority of the time it will show me expired or current deals that were/are listed on Slickguns for that particular gun. If it’s expired it still gives me some insight into what the product was listed for price wise before the Newton inicident occurred. You should see something like this in your Google returned search results as shown below. Click on one that interests you and it should take you to the Slick Guns website.

I clicked on the first one for an example and got the following:

You can see this one is sold out but if you scroll to the bottom of the page you should see the previous prices for such an item. This will ensure when you actually do go out to find one in the current climate how close you are to the prices before all of this Sh*# went down. See example below:

In this case I probably wouldn’t pay over 350 for a shotgun like this. You will see most prices were/are around 360-380. Another good place to look for such a shotgun like this which is commonly available is Wal-Mart. I believe they have them all the time for around 347. I usually buy my firearms online because you don’t have to pay sales tax for most places and the prices are usually more competitive. In the future, I will write a post about buying firearms online.

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