My buddy, Mr. Schmidt, over at Fr33dm Arms, a family owned firearm business based out of Oregon, recently made national headlines going to bat for all of us and upholding our 2nd Amendment Rights. I’ve spoken previously about the customer service and pre panic prices of the business itself but just wanted to make you aware of the kind of man Jason really is. In case you didn’t know it he is an avid supporter of the Constitution and that is very evident in the recent articles and videos coming out of Oregon and at the national level. Read more in some of the links and videos below. It is comforting to know people like this are properly fighting for our rights. Please join the fight and call/write your congressmen/senators. Ruger and Remington both offer great options on their company websites. Don’t stop there seek out other avenues as well. Do not be one of the sheeple that believes your state will never be one of the ones that comes up with legislation such as this. Fight the good fight, prepare for the worst, now. In addition, in my opinion, it would also be wise to support small businesses such as this throughout this troubled times especially ones that fight so avidly for you.

Company Website:

Link to the National Article:

Link to the Oregonian Newspaper Article:

Link to the Video:


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