So I’ve been a little behind with blog post lately been really busy with I.T. stuff but tonight I’m gonna hunker down and try to catch up with all of the stuff that has been going on in the gun industry. Since I’m active on forums I routinely see the brass cased vs. steel cased debate. Recently Lucky Gunner did a huge undertaking to determine what wear and tear would happen on a AR if you used steel cased vs. brass cased ammo. They used 4 identical Bushmaster rifles. I can tell you from experience that every rifle will react differently with steel cased. I have shot Sig Sauer AR’s that do not like steel cased and I have shot Stags that eat it for breakfast. There is a lot of difference when it comes to steel cased ammo as well when referring to quality. There are a lot of critics that say just modify some of the guts of your AR i.e. springs and such and then you can pretty much shoot anything. I think it really comes down to preference, comfort level, and whether your rifle is capable. The one thing I will say is to thoroughly clean your rifle each and every time you shoot it.

See the full article here:


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