Turkey season is just around the corner in Illinois and Missouri and my father and I were getting prepped visiting our local Bass Pro and Cabelas. I got a cool Turkey locator call from Ozark Custom Calls, pictures to follow in the future. Follow them on twitter at @ozarkcustomcalls or online at http://www.ozarkcustomcalls.com/ These calls are awesome and all custom handmade and the customer service is top notch.

Also thought I would include a picture of some of the turkey mounts we made out of walnut in the woodworking shop. The one on the left is my fathers and the one on the right is mine. They turned out really nice and hopefully this year we will have two to add to the collection. We also acquired some new decoys as the ones we had were in dire need of replacement. We went with the avian’s even though they are a tad pricey but they are by far the best quality and most realistic looking. I chose Mossy Oak Obsession this year. I will see how the pants and shirt work out because they are awful thin and I think I will get drenched in the morning dew. The vest I really like but have yet to test it out.  Wish all of you the best of luck in this years hunting season.

Picture Gallery Below:

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