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Here are some pictures of my father’s shotgun harvest in 2012. This beautiful whitetail deer green scored around 175. It was harvested in Illinois on a private farm with an Remington 1187 Special Purpose using Winchester 3’’ Partition Gold Slugs at a distance of 83 yards.

Here are the pictures:

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Just got done finishing up my new blog signature. Let me know what you guys think.

Government needs to take notice especially Obama’s cronies in the DHS buying up all of the ammunition everywhere and making it difficult for us citizens to buy any ammo but the truth of the matter is the gun industry provides a 33 Billion dollar impact to the U.S. Economy with more jobs than General Motors. General Motors employs 101,000 people just FYI. I would be curious to know in the wake of Magpul leaving Colorado really how much it effect the Colorado economy. Read more in the article here


I consistently read some of the Gun’s websites and blogs out there for material and apologize for stealing others material but this one got my attention for all of the budget conscious out there. Guns & Ammo just published a good article of some good quality rifles for under $500 bones. Read the article below for more info. I have the Ruger American Rifle which made the list chambered in 30-06. Future review pending.

Link to article:

Bill 2167 sponsored by Yvonne Davis (D) from Texas wants to remove Sheriff’s from office if they don’t enforce gun control. If you guys looked at my last article I had mentioned all of the local law enforcement who have been voicing their opinions on gun control at the Federal level and whether or not they would enforce such laws. Colorado is a great example of this. I applaud all of the Sheriffs and even the gun manufacturers for refusing to sell and/or support places like Colorado and the Federal laws themselves. Just surprising me that this is happening in the Great State of Texas of all places.

See more in the article here:

Keep at least one eye open patriots –Hitman9921


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Hello my precious, Remington 2013 50th Anniversary Edition of the Remington Model 1100

rem gun

Here is the specs from Remington’s Website:


After 50 years the Model 1100 has cemented its name as the most famous autoloading shotgun of all time. Favored for its exceptionally soft recoil and sleek pointing characteristics, it has etched a permanent place both in competition and the upland fields. We’re honoring its remarkable history with the Model 1100™ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition. Featuring a machine-cut engraved receiver with a commemorative 1963 serial number prefix, and B-Grade walnut stock with white diamond grip cap, this handsome piece makes a fine addition to any firearms lover’s collection.


  • Machine-cut engraved receiver with gold fill. Based on the two-millionth Model 1100 on display at Remington’s Ilion, NY museum
  • Commemorative 1963 serial number prefix
  • B-Grade walnut stock with white diamond grip cap and white line spacer
  • 28″ Vent Rib Barrel with Rem Choke tube
  • Shipped in green Remington hard case

Link to product:

Many bloggers and new articles have mentioned how Obama is looking towards local law enforcement to support gun control. In the wake of things happening in places like Colorado there have been many Police officers and sheriff’s that have stood up locally and said that they won’t enforce new laws. I found this article from January and it is interesting to see that what Obama wanted has actually had the opposite effect. What your thoughts?


Article from January: