My father and I wanted to do some coyote hunting this past weekend so we decided to get the rifles sighted in at 100 yards. We live in a hilly area so we normally sight in all of our firearms at 50 yards because we rarely take shots over 100. I had just put a Redfield 4-12x40MM on my Ruger American Rifle chambered in .30-06 Springfield and wanted to get it out there and shoot some rounds through it and get it zeroed in. My father had previously sighted in his gun at 50 yards. He is using a Sig Sauer M400 MOE 20’’ edition he purchased from Cabela’s around black Friday before the political climate heated up. He has a Nikon P223 3-9x40MM mounted on the rifle. You will see the smaller holes in the targets are his groupings whereas the larger holes are from the .30-06. Keep in mind his was sighted in and I was working on zeroing mine in. Some of my shots were from the rest whereas some were standing with the rifle held against something using my hand as a rest. Let me know what you think.

Here are the pictures:

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