I just received a newsletter from AR15.com appears they are moving to the great state of Texas. If you ever want a really good forum for firearms I suggest them as it is loaded with good material. Good for them! I don’t blame them leaving from New York. If I had some hunting ground out in Texas I’d move out there too and out of the Midwest. Major thing for me is family and hunting ground though plus I really like my job so it’d be a tough move but if Missouri ever became New York I wouldn’t blink an eye in waiting to move out to Arizona or Texas.

Here is a snippet from the newsletter:

“While we will continue to do all we can to attempt to "fix" NY, we will do so from outside of the state where most of us have spent the last 35+ years. We have decided to pack everything and everyone up, hitch the wagons, and head to the Lone Star State; the Dallas, TX area will be our new home in the near future.

While this will not be a simple move, nor is it going to be without it’s challenges, we feel that it is a necessary move. We cannot morally continue to support a state that has such disregard for the basic principles this country was founded on, nor do we want to live in an environment where you’re constantly fighting the very government that is supposed to be representing you.”

Stay informed followers and patriots.

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