Winchester Releases Ammunition Situation Statement on Feb 20. via Website

Posted: March 19, 2013 in News
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Winchester released the following statement via their website:

“Like many manufacturers in the shooting sports industry, we are experiencing an extremely high demand for our products. We are working as hard as we can to produce an increased supply of quality ammunition to meet our customers’ needs. We appreciate your patience and like always, thank you for choosing Winchester.”

  1. Douglas Reed says:

    I live in Georgia there’s no ammo what there are people are asking 70.00 dollars for a 350 round brick and 223 are to high to ask.One man had 50 round boxes for 15.00 dollars.Dont people see what this has caused? People has said on the internet that the President is ammo and gun makers best friend what do you all think? I hope when this is over I will be able I am retired living from month to month and love to shoot and hunt.

    • DigtalHoarder says:

      Yea Ive been using places like slick guns and some of the gun forums to try and find the availability of ammo. Check more uncommon places like Gander Mountain and Bass pro vs. big name shops like Cabelas. Most local owned gun stores are price gouging. Just be patient and don’t over pay. It is slowly starting to catch up as I have seen many more AR’s and magazines come back onto the market at slighlty higher prices but nothing close to what they were going on gunbroker here about a month ago. Thanks for following and stay tuned for more info.

      • Douglas Reed says:

        I will not pay the price the crazy people are asking no weight a minute the people that are selling are not crazy it’s the people buying.I try to tell people just weight the price will come down and ammo will back in stores just as soon as the company’s that make the ammo find out that what the president is wrong with what he is doing.Where is our help in the white house we pay for people to not let this happen NRA for one I will never send another dime to the NRA again.

      • DigtalHoarder says:

        Douglas that is a smart idea if you do some decent searching on the internet in forums and other deal type websites you can easily find information that will lead you to some normal pricing of ammo and gear.

      • Douglas Reed says:

        Where on the internet are some cheap prices on ammo? Show me people where I live are paying 70.00 for a brick of 550 rounds 10.00 box of 50 223 are going for 1.50 + a round all is crazy out here in the south a box hits Walmart people get up at 5 am bring all the people that works in the pawn shops and small gun shops to buy it all they stand in line for hours to buy it cheap then sale it high CRAZY.So if you know where a sportsman can find some ammo I sure would like to know.I am on disability fixed income enjoy shooting have a few boxes of ammo but want shoot dont know if I can replace them.
        Thanks Douglas Reed

      • DigtalHoarder says:

        Check out sites like which show you in stock ammo by walmart. If its not in stock ask a customer service representative. Check out for ammo on websites. You have to be willing to hunt and frequently because most things go out of stock in minutes. Cabela’s routinely gets stuff back in stock check their site frequently. Some people have been so bold as to setup page monitors to alert them when things show up in stock, if you are technically inclined this might be an option. Sign up for some of the gun forums and do some digging most have ammo availability threads that users will post in stock ammo.

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