Colorado passes Universal Background Check Bill, Magpul’s Future Still in Question

Posted: March 19, 2013 in News
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Biden tweeted this week congratulating Colorado on passing the Universal Background Check which many believe will lead to universal gun registration. Magpul which has been fighting to keep legislation like this and magazine limits from passing released a statement via Facebook that it is trying to focus on getting all of its magazines to Colorado customers first. Their effort entitled Boulder Airlift is doing just that. The bill passed in the Colorado House 36-27 and previously in the Senate 19-14 despite protest from 2nd amendment advocates. Many advocates are still trying to get Magpul to leave for greener pastrures in Texas and Arizona and I don’t blame them. I just hope if this type of legislation continues to pass in liberal states that Magpul keeps to its word and jumps ship. It still amazes me how many firearm and ammo manufacturers are still producing out of Liberal states.

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