Successful 2012 Deer Firearm Season

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Hunting
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Here is a picture of the deer I harvested in the 2012 season on our ground in Illinois. Pretty nice nine pointer. Harvested with my Remington 870 Shur Shot 20 Gauge with Hornady SST Slugs. I have a Cabela’s Shotgun scope. Deer came out with a small spike in a cut corn field. 7 other does were nearby. I was hunting out of a 16 foot tripod stand and ranged him at 75 yards. Slug entered broadside and he ran approximately 15 yards and expired. I have to say our Kawasaki Mule is the best ATV around to haul deer in sure beats having to haul them on a conventional ATV.

Here is a pic of my firearm.

Good luck in the 2013 Season. I am anxiously awaiting Turkey season this year.


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